Vidal:   Known as "PeeWee" around the shop, Vidal supervises and
operates our installation and in field crew.  Vidal has been with ANS for 14
years and knows his way around the installation of a septic, whether
conventional or Aerobic.  He can trouble shoot on site installation issues
and knows the best solution for any situation we can come across during
Danny:  As ANS' senior technician, Danny has had over 15 years working
with conventional and aerobic septic.  There's not much on a septic that
Danny can't repair, rework, rebuild, or replace.  He is a vital team member
that works hand in hand with our customers to maintain and ensure that
their systems are operational.
Cody - As our newest team member, Cody is quickly learning the
operation of our systems.  He has brought invaluable reliability to our
service department as our team grows to enable us to reach every
customer in a timely manner.
Jason - The transportation of our tractor and tanks to the jobsite is a
priority.  Jaosn provides reliable and safe and efficient transport to the
jobsite so that the team can continue to move forward.
Emily Rowland -  Emily began at ANS as a field
inspector, gradually moving into the office to help
with clerical and bookkeeping duties.  Over the past
8 years she has been managing the daily
operations of ANS, specializing in new installations
of systems and working directly with Builders and
Homeowners during the entire process of installation.
In Office: Mon - Thur, 9:30 - 2,
In Field Mon - Thur 2 - 5, Fri - 10-4;
Cell: 817-992-6812
Courtney - As an invaluable team member, Courtney has taken the
service department to new levels.  Courtney works directly with
homeowners and technicians to coordinate service, maintenance,
education, and reporting on exisiting systems.
In Office: Mon - Frid, 7:30 - 2
Office Phone: 817-232-5593
Amy - As our newest member to our office staff, Amy helps out with
customer service and permitting.  She has been instrumental in freeing
up the office to ensure top of the line customer service is provided.
Dan - ANS has an "On Staff" engineer and sanitarian which enables us
to design a system layout that will meet your individual homeowner and
property needs.  Dan has been with ANS for 10 years, and is
experienced in all types of septic system distribution and treatments.